I Used to be a Rock DJ

I used to be a DJ, a Rock DJ and occasionally a full 80s rock/pop DJ.  I haven’t done a DJ set but 2 times in the last 3 years and I really should get back into my project.

The music project I had was mostly Facebook paged, but should have went into more of a blog with it. I would research rock and metal bands that were unsigned or with a small time label and present them to the people on the page. I moved it to also showing it on Second Life, the bands I would find, where they were located and how they could find more information on them.

My rock specialties included any rock, even the super hard core growly metal because I know that some even like it, even if it was really not my thing personally. I was told I am very good at finding music that sounds good, I just wanted to make sure it was to other people’s liking when it wasn’t just to mine. I had a ton of fun with it!

However, a new job and a now Ex-boyfriend that wasn’t very nice (and that’s all I will say right now), stopped me from doing it any further. I am thinking about starting it up again, hooking up my mic and doing some more shows.

I used to DJ at The Rock, when it was in existence several years ago as my wolf avatar and a few other human locations. I was very known in the furry community too. I just need to get that groove back and get into it again.

Maybe soon, yeah!? 🙂  I’m thinking about a full blog site, social media sites and YouTube channel dedicated to it. This is why I post various videos at the end. Usually something I like or find interesting


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