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I was asked to help a friend, manage a new club. Babylon has been open since June 2017, but has not had a lot of traffic. Since I have worked and managed in many clubs, my friend Disty brought me over to help. It’s indead currently somewhat empty, but we are working with the owner to make this a great place. So far, it’s a pretty great looking club, we do have a couple awesome staff members and are on our way of restarting everything.

I am not yet DJing, but I am the General Manager. It’s going to take a lot of work, as all clubs do but it should be a great new place to hang out. Many clubs around Second Life have disappeared, other locations are quiet or full of people who do not converse with each other. Bastian, the club’s owner, has been open to understanding how to make it successful. He’s been taking tons of advice from me, Dusty EIchel (managed clubs with me in the past and manager at All Fur Radio), and Leopard Adored (most successful and popular furry community member and one of my best friends). We’ll get it there, it takes work as all clubs do.

This club is open to everyone no matter if you are furry, human, straight or LGBTQ. More information will be coming soon!


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