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As many know, I don’t call myself or consider myself a “Furry”. Yes, I do hang out in mostly the furry community but I am not really a furry fandom person. I see animal avatars that makes me think cosplay. I do understand that many ARE in the fandom and great fans of it, but I am much different than the average furry.

The first time I saw a furry avatar was about a year into my account, I wasn’t very interested in it at the time as I hadn’t seen many. I made many friends who were in the furry community and I had many friends who were still in the human community. I started a club with a couple friends that was PRIMARILY furry but remained in my human avatar. It was a (former) friend that convinced me to start in a Fox avatar. I was hooked on the avatar but didn’t want to be a typical furry in the way of looks and clothing. I found it to be a fun challenge to be different. The wolf avatars at the time were not very attractive in how they were built during 2009, so I just remained a fox. It was fun.

When new avatars came out, I started up into a Kinzart Wolf, first a brown one and then my black wolf. It was tricky to make female looking as the face was rather large but I think I did a pretty good job. The Dark Spot Design wolf came out and it seemed to fit what I needed and I’ve remained this one for a year now.

My friends are both in the human and the furry community. I’ve DJ’d at huge popular human clubs as my furry avatar and gotten along well with everyone. Often, I did see the classes between the two communities in the form of bullying, abuse, griefing of clubs and other SIMs. It totally went both ways and it was pretty disturbing at how vile one group can be towards another. I am happy though that there seems to be less of this happening these days.

I can’t see myself truly going back into a human avatar, I find this avatar to fit me. The wolf has always been a spirit animal to me since I first came face to face with one in the Oregon woods at the age of 5. Another reason is, I like the challenge. It’s fun to try to make an any furry avatar I get or blog for in a way I would wear it myself even if it’s not the animal I normally would be. I started this blog, for that kind of a challenge and for the most part it’s gone well.

I do however, find it hard to remain part of everything as I am seen as a “furry” and still denied the same access as anyone else to groups, blogs, pages and more. I still try though, I enjoy the challenge of it. I have been banned from about 25 groups now, that is fully human avatars on Flickr. I totally make sure that I am following the rules they offer, but I suspect a lot of it is because I am not “human”, as my photos never make it and I’ve gotten a couple not so pleasant emails about being “furry”. I’ve gotten the same kind of comments on other social media too in the beginning of restarting of the blog. It’s also hard to get other creators of human clothing to accept a furry to blog their items.

I’ll keep going though, I keep trying, hoping to be at some point more accepted. I’m not the typical furry.  I don’t run around nude, though there are places that human clubs and SIMs, I will be DJing at both furry and human clubs again soon as my wolf avatar.  I feel that I am somewhere between the human and the furry avatar and really dislike discrimination from both sides. Challenge is on!

I’ll stop rambling here!


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