New Avatar: DSD Fennec v3

Video overview of the new Fennec (read below for more)



New Avatar Party for the Fennec v3 by Dark Spot Designs


18 Colors Available


Multiple Body Setups


Additional Features
  • 2 ear sizes
  • 2 tail sizes
  • All textures and additional animation gestures
  • Website link to download UV PSD files for creating your own textures


DSD Information



Do you make skins, textures or other modifications for DSD or Raawr Avatars?

Would you like a blog post or video overview of your mods? You must contact me with your social media and website links, marketplace, InWorld Store location, contact information and the mods you would like me to show. I will do a one time free video overview and display of your mods if you would like. Must be a DSD or a Raawr Avatar’s mod. Contact me if you have any questions. Any notecards with items, please send in a contained box with your name and mod in the item title.




Photo Credits

Start of Video


  • Top/Pants: ” “Terry” – by Addams
  • Rings: “The Witching Hour Rings” by Insurrektion


My Avatar:


Pose: “The Yearly Series – Four” by An Lar



Main Photo and End of Video


  • Top: ” “Romy Boho Lace Cami” – Vinyl
  • Shorts: “Kito True-Booty Shorts” by Vinyl




Poses and Animations:






Video Recommendation (not related)

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