I’ve Been Missing

I have to apologize for the last couple weeks, I’ve somewhat disappeared. Recently I got into a game and didn’t realize how much I would get into it and I think I somewhat needed the break from Second Life. Unfortunately, I didnt realize it would end up being two weeks! So, I just wanted to say that things will be going on more with SL and less with the game distraction. Life happens, sometimes you just need to do something else for a bit.

Coming soon will be a video on an upcoming release of a fennec avatar by Dark Spot Designs. This new fennec looks beautiful so far and if you are into these avatars, you’ll love this one too. I’ll discuss that soon. I also will do some updates for V-Twins, Koople, and others. Much to look forward to!



Photo Credits

Koople Outfit:

  • Top: “Dana” by Vinyl – New Release, November 2017
  • Pants: “Serena” by Blueberry
  • Gloves: “Deah” by RealEvil


My Avatar:




Video of the Post


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