DSD Red Panda

Another avatar I am setting up for future photos and blogs, one of several I plan to set up with Maitreya bodies.

This is coming soon with a video review of this avatar. Complete with how to use the HUD and available colors. This is an older av that does not have any bento added, it was first released in January of 2016. It’s still a great avatar and very much talked about in the furry community. Other videos will cover converting your Red Panda to Maitreya, SLink Male and Omega.

I am wearing the “natural” color of this av, it comes in many. As with Red Pandas, they are mostly red with a black underbelly. This makes it a fun challenge for me, trying to decide on the right colors to place. For now, I just went all black. I will set up about 3 different ones, including some inverted colors.

Stay tuned though for more videos coming soon!


Photo Credits

  • Top: ” “Ruffle v1” – by Foxes – Luxe Box, August 2017
  • Skirt: “Becca” by Foxes
  • Boots: “Sophia” by Phedora
  • Belly Chain: “Melian Waist Chain” by KC
  • Rings: “The Witching Hour Rings” by Insurrektion


My Avatar:


Background Scene: 


Video of the Post (I do these just for fun)


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