DSD Deer

As I start setting up avatars more and more for my Maitreya body and my alt’s SLink body, I will post an image of it. I’m getting a little more time to set this up.


Today is the DSD Deer, this is the chocolate color. She is set up with the maitreya body which is simple to do. I created some videos when this avatar came out including the Limited Editions and those are listed below the photo credits. I plan on putting 3 or 4 deer in a Maitreya body for future photos, blog posts and sponsors posts.


Photo Credits


My Avatar:


Background Scene: 

SIM Location: WizardHat Studios



DSD Original Release


DSD Limited Edition Colors, though only 3 weeks are STILL available.

Fat Pack is L$2500, individual is L$1000


Converting your deer to a Maitreya Body


Video of the Post (not related to the deer)

This is an old friend, he’s a furry and a popular one too. He’s not much on SL anymore but still pretty funny


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