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I thought I would particpate in another challenge by Strawberry Singh, this includes some questions and information about your Zodiac sign, real life or Second Life. Comparing information to your own personality. For full information on her challenge and video, click here:

The short of it is, explain your sign and if you fit the standard of what the sign is about.

So here is my answers to the challenge.


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius with Scorpio Rising

We’ll just stick to the Sagittarius part, as I forget what the Scorpio Rising means and what I was told something to do with Aquarius. It’s been a while.


Do I believe in Astrology and do I read my horoscope?

My aunt has been an astrologist for about 55 years, she used to teach medical astrology which I found interesting. She has lately been using it as a guide to everything she does a lot more than usual for things such as when to go places and where a bit more than my liking. But I was always fascinated with the medical similarities of people with nearly the same charts that she used to do teaching seminars on in various parts of the country.

I don’t see it super useful these days, though I do find some things about it interesting.

As far as reading horoscopes, they are generally based on where the sun is in your particular chart, they are very inaccurate and not worth following. Sure, some things will seem like they are JUST what you believe but if you read them at the END of your day to compare how things were for you then you’d see that they don’t match up. It’s not an accurate reading for the majority, thus why I do not pay much attention to them. For more accurate readings, you have to get one made specifically for you based on your birth chart and your current chart which takes a bit to figure out. My aunt used to do this for a living.


What traits is listed for your sign and do they reflect who you are?
  • Strengths: Generous, idealistic, great sense of humor

I’ve always had a sense of humor (though I’ve been told anyway), even through all the troubles throughout my life and it’s a lot to explain. I laugh and make fun of every bad thing I’ve ever gone through from childhood to adult. I make light of it. A lot of people don’t understand it and become offended that I can laugh at something horrific when it’s happened to myself. But I try to not let that bother me, it feels better to laugh at myself than to be miserable. I am told that I have been silly enough to get friends out of super grumpy situations to laugh, so that’s always a plus.

I am very overly idealistic at times, this plays into being overly generous too. I always want to see the best in people or situations and offer a lot of myself, even if the rate of failure or disaster is high. It tends to get me into the bad situations that are hard to get out of.

I hate everything I do, as many also have problems with, if it isn’t how I feel is perfect enough or isn’t what I feel is right for someone else in my doing for them. I can sometimes have some unrealistic expectations if I am not careful in planning what I am doing. I can get way ahead of myself.

I’ve always been willing, probably more than I should have, to help anyone I can in any way possible, even if it meant sacrificing something for myself, never put me first. Its very hard to do so.


  • Weaknesses: Promises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic

I try hard to give whatever I promise, but I try to not make it a for sure thing. Lately it’s been hard due to some health issues and again, not putting myself first I end up pushing to hard and failing. I have ideas of things I want to do but most of the time, I end up not being able to handle it. It’s disappointing to myself and for a few others. But I try. Health plays a major role in that lately.

I’m only impatient with some things. I have been a customer service agent on phones with various companies including computer tech support for over 25 years. It takes a lot of patience for that type of work and I can be as calm and work out anything with people that either don’t listen or get angry when they don’t get a response they want. I can wait, I can’t explain multiple times and I can do it calmly, or well make it seem like I do. I have more patience than the majority of people I know.. so the impatient part is incorrect 85% of the time as there are some small instances where patience escapes me.

As far as say anything no matter how undiplomatic, depends on who I am dealing with. I don’t take well to being told to shut up, sit down, don’t say anything, be quiet, don’t stand up for yourself. That will set me off and I will say things a bit harshly, but it takes a lot of that to get me angry enough. I don’t sugar coat anything though when talking in normal conversation or asked for honest opinions. Thus I am blunt, many take it offensively at times as if I am being harsh. It’s a common problem with society to take straight talk as being mean or angry at them. But it’s how I am, I don’t worry about someone being offended or over sensitive. I just lay it out as I see things or as I comprehend. You ask me for advice, you can’t be upset over what I tell you because I will be honest.


  • Sagittarius likes: Freedom, travel, philosophy, being outdoors

I like being by myself to do what I want without having to answer to anyone. I like my privacy, I like my space, I like being able to be just me. I love freedom to go do whatever it is I want without having to answer to anyone else.

I LOVE travel, I always have. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to travel where I have wanted and at this point I probably never will. I have a lot of the Pacific Northwest in the U.S, the natural scenes, the forests, oceans, rivers, outdoors. I am a literal tree hugger, I can show you how to feel energy from a tree, a rock, the earth. It’s hard to explain how without physically showing someone. I’m odd like that. There are so many places I want to go it’s not funny.

I was an avid hiker for many years then stopped for a few years due to heavy work. When I got into hiking again, I felt much more at peace with things, even if life was squeezing lemons into my eyeballs. I literally would go to places and just sit by myself. I loved the outdoors away from cities and I miss it dearly. Three years ago, I ended up in a wheelchair and it’s been devastating. I am unable to go to the places I used to without a ride, buses don’t go where I used to. It’s been super hard to be cooped up at home, I’d do anything to be able to spend time by myself in a forest and in some light rain or the snow mountains. Not being able to walk totally took that away. I’d be one to live in a mountain cabin like a hermit and feed the bears alone. It would be so peaceful (I know I’m weird) lol. I can’t even sit in a lightning storm, my chair is now a lightning rod :p haha

I love learning about other religions, cultures, people. I love stories of people and history of all sorts.


  • Sagittarius dislikes: Clingy people, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, details

I’ve dated clingy people, I know many online and it drives me crazy. I’m the type of person that prefers their alone time more than hanging out and snuggling with someone. It seems like a lot of relationships have people that require their constant attention from the other. You have to have 3 things, your time, their time, together time and you have to learn to respect all of it. I, again, like my myself time. Not that I don’t want time with the other person, I just need that space too. It’s never worked well with anyone.

The one sign that is worst for us fire signs to be involved in are water signs. Water signs, like Pisces and I have NEVER gotten along in a relationship or dating scene. My Pisces friends and I get along fine but I can see the super clingy, need for attention constantly in those signs. I’ve experienced this first hand and someday I’ll write a lot about that on another separate blog someday. Intimate relationships always seem to mostly happen with Pisces and I don’t understand why, so I vowed to never get involved with one again. A dating site I was on years ago, had some really ugly rude responses from people who were also Pisces, it was insane. But, that’s a story for another day.

Being constrained, being stuck or forced to be stuck in the home and unable to go places, drives me batty. All I can say there. That goes into the likes of freedom.

Off the wall theories and details, I like facts, I like knowing as much of the facts of something as possible before making assumptions or judgement on whatever the situation is. These days, with most of social media, judgement is made just by a title of an argument. I don’t like massive amounts of details though, I want it straight to the point. I prefer not being talked to as if I am a doctor or an engineer that has to figure out what all the jargon is. Just tell me in a short way. I guess then, that might fall into impatient? lol I don’t know.




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