Finally! Fall Like Clothes!

I’m not a summer person or a summer clothes person as much as I am for Fall and Winter but mostly… fall.  Granted, I don’t mind swimsuits on occasion and I love shorts all year long but I like sweaters, long socks, hoodies and such. One of my favorite creators, Blueberry came out with a new outfit called “Mili”. This includes a sweater over a dress or a top and boots with socks! The top is great, you can still wear shorts and still is adorable with the boots.

Both the dress and top come in one and the boots are a separate purchase, lots of colors and mesh body sizes. I’m just happy we finally have hoodie and sweater weather.

Photo Credits

  • Top/Boots: “Mili” by Blueberry
  • Rings: “Ivey Bento Rings” by Meva


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