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I have only gotten a few Luxe Boxes since… November? I believe it’s only 4 so far. Most of the clothing works out well, the hair not so much. Thought I would throw together as much as I could into one photo with all the Luxe Box items I have so far.

Here is my full image here, as the WordPress template limits the size. Click on the image to see it larger.

Luxe Box is a monthly subscription via group join for L$1500 per month. The box is delivered on the 15th of every month and includes 12 creators. Items include clothing, hair, accessories and at times includes pets, home decore or buildings. I plan on doing more unboxing videos in the future. For more information, visit their website at


Photo Credits


Luxe Box items:
  • Wearing:
    • Top: “Atomic Crop Top” by Tres Blah – Luxe Box, August 2017
    • Skirt: “Ally Skirt” by Foxes – Luxe Box, September 2017
    • Shoes: “Snapdragon” by Empire – Luxe Box, June 2017
    • Hair: “Drive” by Lamb – Luxe Box, August 2017
  • Animals:
    • “Beagle Pup” by Jian – Luxe Box, November 2016
    • “Jack Russel Terrier” by Jian – Luxe Box, May 2017
    • “Chubby Cat Bird Bus” by Jian – Luxe Box, September 2017
  • Background:
    • House: “Kaelyn Pleiades Cabin” by Scarlet Creative – Luxe Box, September 2017
    • Gazebo: “Ashley Gazebo” by Tarte – Luxe Box, August 2017
    • Dock: “Coastal Dock” by Tarte – Luxe Box, July 2017
    • Daybed: Evelyn Daybed by Tarte (In Cabin Window)- Luxe Box, August 2017


Other items:
  • Tree: “Sweet Chestnut Tree” by Little Branch (To left of Cabin Deck)- Deco(c)rate, August 2017
  • Various: Background Trees, Grasses, houseplants, rocks


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