Avatar Mod Series: Nya Nya Productions

Today is the first of my Avatar Mod Video Series. I am going to highlight and do various videos showing off those who do mods for furry avatars, today we start with Stephanie Spellhunter of Nya Nya Productions. A bit of showing her mods as well as how to apply this mod to the avatar.

This video, shown below, shows the four mods she’s created for the “Lil’ Cougar” by Raawr Avatars. The mods are easy to set up and her mod includes a notecard of instructions, texture hud for the kemono body, notecard needed to drop into the Recolor Hud of the Lil” Cougar and a “tall” shape in case you wish to not be as tiny.

Stephanie has many mods available in her Marketplace store as well as InWorld, she also takes commissions. You can ask her to send you her notecard detailing commission rates, instructions and requirements.

Watch this video for more details on her four mods available and check the links below the video for more information on her stores, contact details and links to the other videos about the Raawr Avatars Lil’ Cougar..

In order to use the mods you also need the following:


Nya Nya Information


Past Posts about the Raawr Avatars Lil’ Cougar


Would you like your mods spotlighted?

  • I still need to write these details out, so check back soon!

Stephanie’s Video Pick (I let her be the one to pick it for this post)

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