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Crazy couple of weeks of Forest Fires, Hurricanes

This week has been a crazy week. I live close to the Eagle Creeek fire in Oregon, the fire went from 30 miles away to 17 miles away in nearly a day and a half. The smoke was so thick that it made me feel like someone in their 80s who smoked 8 packs of ciggarettes per day, it was insane. Ash snowed from the sky for a week, there was no way to get out of it as our entire Northwest states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Northern Calif, Canada) have so much fire that the smoke covered all the states. We were 3 miles from the last level 1 evacuation zone, if they would be level 2 then it would move us to level 1. It’s insane. It kept me from being able to focus on here, but things have cleared up, the fire is being contained and the nice windshift has moved the smoke from our area.. SO I’M BACK (until wind shift again)

Lots of devastation everywhere, the hurricanes, the fires of the western states. Rain is coming for us here, but too much rain from the hurricanes on the opposite side of us. Everyone keep safe, donate or volunteer if you can. There are some people who need it more than us here (except the evacuees of the fire). Please also, don’t play with fireworks in wooded areas, it caused the fire in our location. Play it safe, watch your kids, do the right thing.


V-Twins “Ranger”

This new outfit has a lot included with it.

  • 27 colors and patterns for the top
  • 3 Denim colors
  • 3 Belt colors
  • Sizes in Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Fitmesh
  • Flat shoe and Heels options
  • Blue Denim and Black/Brown Denim options


Blue Denim



Black & Brown Denim



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V-Twins Outfit:

  • Top/Pants: “Ranger” by V-Twins
  • Gloves (In Video): “Deah” by RealEvil Empire


My Avatar:



  • VPhoto Location: Mirage Hotel 66
  • Animation Override/Pose: Sweet Lovely Cute by BodyLanguage

V-Twins Outfit:

  • Top/Pants: “Behavior” by V-Twins







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