Lil’ Cougar Update by Raawr Avatars

Raawr Avatars released the Lil’ Cougar on August 12, 2017 but has a new update that released September 2nd, 2017. It’s a great update with changes to the HUD, an additional head option and Tiger skins!

You should have received your update for free if you previously purchased the Cougar. If you have not received your update, visit the store and click on “Re-Send” on the Raawr Avatars Vendor.

Click here for the original release post that includes the introduction video


New Release Video


Update Video



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Changes to the HUD:
  • Additional options for the head, ears, muzzle
  • 10 New cute gestures, included a sound “Meow”
  • Tongue stick out options
  • Added static eye poses with no blinking
  • Added static poses for ear positions with no twitching
  • Spread out HUD with more screens for easier use


Additional Skins: Tiger
  • 7 Additional tiger skin colors
  • Instructions included on how to add the skins to your Kemono body (also in video below)



Raawr Avatars Information:


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