Two Photo Contests I’ve Entered

I’ve entered 2 photo contests, so I thought I would share the photos. First one I heard of but didn’t enter my photo until nearly the last minute and the second contest is ending on August 12.

The first contest was with Thereafter and the BVN Network, the rules were to use a set setup at the BVN sandbox. Thereafter is an event coming on August 17, 2017, an apocalyptic theme. The set was in a similar theme, a knocked down building, a beat up created beat up man-made tower, grassy overgrown field.

Below this image is the clothing and style credits for my avatar.

My Avatar:

Location: Temporary BVN Set

Event Information: Thereafter, coming August 17, 2017

The second photo is for a contest with Luxe Box, a monthly fashion loot box that I often subscribe to. The contest ends tomorrow, August 12th and I just heard about it 2 hours ago. The theme is “Lazy Day” by showing a chilling out in Luxe Box items from any time. so I came up with this. Clothing and location credits are below.

My Avatar:

  • Base Avatar: “Wolf v3” by Dark Spot Designs
  • Body: “Lara” Mesh Body by Maitreya
  • Hair: “Tashanna” Hair by =Dela= – Fetish Fair, August 2017
    (Unfortunately, none of the hair from Luxe Box fits my avatar)
  • Bikini: By Blueberry – Luxe Box, May 2017

Dog: “Jack Russel Terrier” by JianLuxe Box, May 2017

Location: Maison de L’amitie

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