New Release for Raawr Avatars

Raawr Avatars – LIl’ Cougar

This is a new avatar being released on August 12, 2017 at the Furry Forest Sandbox party area located here:

Flower Leleu, creator of Raawr Avatars is releasing an avatar fitted and colored for the Kemono avatar body. My video goes over the color options, the huds used in various parts, the animations and more.


What’s included:
  • Head
  • Tail
  • Ears
  • 11 colors in one


What is not included:
  • Kemono Body
  • Avatar Alpha


Cost and where to purchase:


The Kemono bodies are not created by Raawr Avatars and must be purchased separately.


The Avatar

The avatar comes with an 11 color hud that will change the head, tail and ears at once to match the kemono body colors. The Raawr avatar HUD has options for tail animations, eyes and face animations, eye color changes and more.


To use the Kemono Fitted Torso for busty breasts, you must also have the Kemono body. The fitted torso is torso only, no legs, no arms but syncs with the Kemono body perfectly as well as changes colors via the Kemono HUD. The fitted torso allows you to buy clothing that are for busty bodies.


The release party will be in the air above the Furry Forest Sandbox. When you arrive at the sandbox, there will be a teleporter to get you to the party. Everyone is welcome, human or furry. Party starts at 12pm on August 12 and I will be your Rock DJ, though sometimes the music changes on mood of the party. Staying at the party will allow you to get into the raffle to win a free avatar.

For more information, watch this video below.


Main Image Credits:

  • Base Avatar: “Lil’ Cougar v1” by Raawr Avatars
  • Body: “Kemono” by Utilizator
  • Body 2: “Fitted Torso Mesh” by
  • Hair: Kayla” Mesh Body by Amacci


  • Jumper: “Summoner” by :glutz:
  • Boots: “Boots” by Utilizator (was included)


My Clothing in Video Beginning


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