Raawr Avatars’ Kitty Modder’s Free Advertising

There is a deadline that must be adhered to, please fully read this or else you may be left out.

I’ve put off the Husky modifications and mesh body videos for now and working on the Raawr Avatar’s Kitty. I am offering a free advertising spot in current blogs and Videos, this will only be for the current posts and videos I am creating.

The upcoming videos are:

  • Introduction and review of the Raawr Avatars’ Kitty (Deadline to enter, August 2nd, 2017. Midnight SLT
  • Raawr Kitty to Maitreya Body
  • Raawr Kitty to Slink Body

Deadline for entries for first video, August 2nd, 2017. Midnight SL Time (Pacific). Any entries after will be included in next video.

Your applied mods will be included at the end of the video, after the showing of available out of the Raawr box colors. It will show 1-2 versions your mod on the avatar along with your logo and username. On the blog post itself, will be a photo of the mod, a vendor photo of 1-2 images, your logo, your contact name, any social media links you provide, website, marketplace link and InWorld store link. This will NOT include instructions on how to apply your mod.

The modded avatar may be used in future blog photos or any other photos to display clothing, accessories, tattoos, locations around Second Life  and more as I also blog separately regarding these types of items. The only mods that will be used are ones I can convert to female Maitreya and Male Slink bodies.

There will not be a fee to have your mod included in these videos listed, however you may be required to send me needed parts should any extras be needed outside the main Kitty avatar. It will be best to contact me first if you do not see my items listed below of what I already own, in case I have not updated the list. This prevents double sending or extra expense on your part.

I will not be displaying genitalia, if this is included on skin, I will use an option to cover areas those up.

If you would prefer just a Marketplace link to your store in the blog without the video appearance, that can also be an option as well with no extra fee and posted at the end of the post.

There are 2 avatars used in this process. Here is the contacts and items owned for modification, this list may not be fully up to date so always best to contact me just in case unless they are items you already create and sell with your kits

RavenSkye Waverider, Me
Female display only
Items already owned (includes links to parts to verify):

Xavier Caeran, my alt
Male display only
Items already owned (includes links to parts to verify):

To be included in the videos and blogs, please fully read and do the following.

  • Send me a notecard. Call the notecard “Raawr Kitty Mods – (YourUserName)”. Do not include the “quotemarks” but do include the ( ) around your name, your username not your display name. In the notecard, include your username again (place your calling card from your inventory), the name of your store, links to your Marketplace and InWorld stores (include actual landmark from inventory), social media and website links, store/creator logo, up to 2 vendor photos and the name of the box you are sending (read blow for box instructions).
  • In sending me your kits, please include all items in one box if possible. Please all the box “Raawr Kitty Mod Kit – (YourUserName)”. If for any reason you need to send me items from marketplace or gifting, please include in the notecard the items you are sending so I will look for them.
  • Notecard is to be sent to RavenSkye Waverider (even if including male items for alt). If items relate to female, please send kits to RavenSkye Waverider. If items relate to male, please send kits to Xavier Caeran.
  • If you have any questions, please contact me directly, RavenSkye Waverider
  • Deadline for entries for first video, August 2nd, 2017. Midnight SL Time (Pacific). Any entries after will be included in next video.


Other videos may be offered for free or a fee later, after these current listed videos are complete. To keep updated on when these are offered and fees, join my group to be updated. Click here to join my SL Group. There is a L$1 entry to prevent bot spamming (it’s gotten insane, I’ll refund you the 1L after you send notecard to enter)


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