The quiet times aren’t so quiet!

In between posts where there is a long space of time, I’m not shopping or showing off an item for myself or another, I’m working on avatars. I have fat pack of avatars from Dark Spot Designs and Raawr Avatars, they come in boxes of 15-30 colors. It’s a lot of work! Trust me.

I have to unpack all of the boxes, unpack the extras. Put on the avatars, review everything that comes with it, take off the extras, put on the one gender then save the outfit for male/female. I then have to sort all that properly. I research information on texture mods, interchangeable parts, hair and clothing. I have to then get the textures together for each one, setup the maitreya body, create the appliers, save those setups in outfits. It takes a bit to do all that.

This process is repeated with the male alt avatar too!

I always do photos for products and new avatars first. Unlike a lot of bloggers that have their one or two avatars to work with, I have about 20 avatars yet with up to 30 colors. It may seem like I am not doing as much as I should be, but trust me, I’m doing a lot in the background! It’s awesome fun though to do.

While I am doing this, I also do CSR work for DSD and Raawr to help them out while they work on new projects. I enjoy all this!

Stay with me though, a lot is coming!




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