Raawr Husky Intro

This video is an introduction to the Husky by Raawr Avatars. This is partial Bento and was release in February 2017. It comes in 29 regular colors and 9 Limited Edition colors which remain still on sale until the creator, Flower, decides it’s been long enough. Normaly it’s about 3 weeks for the LE sale.

In this video, I will explain how to rez and attach your avatar, information on how to use the HUD and show you all the colors you can purchase. All the colors are at the end of the introduction.

The avatar is L$1,000 and comes in a box with male, female and femboy setups. It’s like 3 avatars in one. The Bento is currently only in the face as Bento had just released when the avatar was nearly created. Later videos of the husky will include how to convert to a standard mesh body such as Slink and Maitreya as well as how to use Omega applier system for skins.

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Purchase the Husky, Here

Video: Introduction to the Raawr Husky v2


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  • Building:  “Old Gazebo” by Death Row Designs
  • Plants/Trees: So many, can’t name them all


Just for fun!

I am going to start recommending videos. Being a Rock DJ, I look for a lot of unsigned and unknown bands. I’ll be posting one in each post at the end. This guy, Leo Moracchioli does a lot of awesome metal covers of various songs.


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