DSD Deer v2 Limited Edition Colors

On Saturday, July 8 2017, will be the release of the DSD Deer v2 LE. This are 12 special colors created and will only be sold for 3 weeks! That is all the time you have to purchase these special colors. Each new release will always have some special colors to purchase for a limited time. Once they are gone.. they are gone!

These avatars are L$1,000 and you get Male, Female, Femboy, SL male, SL female and unrigged parts. Comes with your full avatar including body, limbs, 2 horn options, skin textures for using on your own as well as a DSD Mod Kit for applying your own skin.

See my first video and blog post, if you have not seen the DSD Deer v2 yet, here: http://www.ravenskyeblog.com/2017/06/25/new-avatar-release-by-dsd

Watch the video below to see the colors that will be available. Outfit credits are below video.



Photo Credits:

My Avatar:


  • Bikini: “Cerisse Bohemian Bikini” by Addams
  • Anklets: “Laguna Mesh Sandals” shorts by Rebel Hope
  • Rings/Bracelet: “Kira” by Avaway

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