Video: DSD Deer v2 to Maitreya

Update: Deer Alpha information now included in “What you need to start with”

Update 2: Uploaded new video with louder volume, thanks to those that made me aware of it!


Everything I am wearing in this photo and the video will be credited blow the instructions below. Fameshed started 5 days ago with another round of awesome fashion and decore! In the video though, I keep calling it FAME-SHED and I have for about a year now. It was only recently that I heard it pronounced in 3 different ways. Not sure the actual pronunciation, but I am stuck on mine! lol


Today’s video is about taking your Deer v2 from Dark Spot Designs and changing from it’s current mesh body to a Maitreya. Though the DSD body is a awesome, there currently little clothing available from any creators at this time. This is a common issue with new mesh bodies, even though it’s been out a little while now. It will take time, as they all do. In the mean time, if you do prefer your mesh body at any time then this is how you do so. Below this video, instructions are included in text.



What you to start with:

  1. Purchased a DSD Deer v2, Purchase Here
  2. Purchased a Maitreya Mesh Body, Purchase Here
  3. Received a free copy of the Maitreya Developer Kit for Skin, located just to the right of the Maitreya body vendor
  4. (Updated: 7/5/2017) DSD Deer Alpha for Maitreya, Free Here


Downside about changing from the DSD body to the Maitreya Body
  1. You lose the the Norm and Specular mappings, this means no shiny or bump map. These were created to work with the DSD Mesh body only, the UVs are not the same as the Maitreya or the SL body.
  2. You lose the awesome feet with the nodes near the back behind the hooves unless you are extremely good at aligning and sizing the unrigged to fit the Maitreya legs. If you were able to do this, please send me a message and let me know how you’ve done so.
  3. You will not have digi-legs unless you purchase some created for the body itself, more noted below on such.
  4. Using the Deer Alpha will create a wide open gap in the neck, you may have to create a new one. I may have one soon and will post it here should it get fully created again. Mine does not cover enough area at this time
  5. Mesh bodies tend to leave a line around the neck area, this is a common issue with all mesh bodies unfortunately.


To get started after you purchased and received these items, follow the video or the instructions below

Open your DSD box by dropping it on the ground. You will be given several options to select from: Male, Female, Femboy, SL Male, SL Female, Unrigged Male, Unrigged Female. Select either Male, Female or Femboy first (not SL or Unrigged). Once you have received both the base and misc folders, click on the DSD box again so that the same menu opens. This time select SL Male or SL Female (If you chose femboy, you’ll want to select male) and you’ll get both folders again. There are some males who use the female mesh bodies for a different chest option even if nearly flat, which is why I suggest any you prefer.

The Base folder (First folder you opened when dropping the box), will have all your original deer pieces, put all of these on. In the misc folder of that are boob physics, gestures and animations for voice chat, an different set of horns and some textures. If your textures are not fully there such as bottom, top, head in both mature and pg then check your misc folder from the SL you opened the second time around. You are going to need the UUIDs of those textures for your applier.

There are parts you are going to be replacing, you need to remove from your deer the mesh body, hands, feet, and alpha layer. In your Maitreya folder, attach the HUD, body, hands, and feet. In your Deer folder, SL misc folder add the “Deer-Skin”. This will be under your mesh body and only show in your neck area, the rest will be covered up by an alpha layer. You should at this time look like a nearly naked human.

Now drop a new prim on the ground, just an empty box. Go to your Maitreya dev kit folder and drop in a script to the object contents called “Maitreya Applier Script – v2.0”. Double click and open up the notecard in the same folder called “Maitreya Texture Loader – Skins v2”. Inside you should see lines such as this:

This is a SKIN texture loader for Maitreya.
Fill in a texture key where needed and leave the unused areas blank. No quotes. Do not remove any lines.
Lower Texture=
Lower Normal Map=
Lower Specular Map=
Upper Texture=
Upper Normal Map=
Upper Specular Map=
Optional Foot Texture=
Optional Hand Texture=


This is where you will be placing your UUID values from the skin textures. To get these textures, go back to your Deer folder where you see upper, lower and head. Right click on the “bottom” texture and left click on “Copy Asset UUID”. Move to the notecard and paste this after “Lower Texture=”, be sure to leave the = there and no spaces. Do the same for the Upper Texture, in the folder you would use the texture called “Top” to copy it’s UUID and paste it into the notecard. There is a neckfix as well, which will be explained another day. This is one way to help fix the gap but has not be tested with me on the deer and there is a process for that.

Now save the notecard and close it, go back to your Dev Kit folder and drag that notecard into the contents of the object you put the Texture Loader in earlier. The notecard will appear in the contents then disappear, this is how it loads the notecard. Right click the box on the ground and click “Add to Hud” and “center”, if you are on a pose stand this will not work. You can also take the object int your inventory and attach it from there. Once it is on your screen, left click on it once. Detach the box and you should now see your avatar body changed from the human skin to the deer textures. If you used your original Deer alpha mask, you will notice a massive gap in your neck, completely seen through. If you use the alpha with Maitreya, your body will be fine but the head of your deer will have the original avatar poking through it’s face. Using the alpha I provide will fix this issue and make invisible your SL body and head, leaving the neck slightly visible.

You’ll notice on the back of the neck and a bit on the sides the light and slight color difference between the Maitreya body and the neck above it. This is unfortunately an issue with all mesh bodies as I have stated before. If you wear long hair as a male or a female avatar, this part wont be noticed behind hair and the front of the neck is covered by the fluff of the deer head.

You are now a Maitreya Deer.


Without digi-legs and hooves, you are able to wear straight pants, shoes, boots and socks, this is just an option. However, if you wish to have digi-legs compatible with Maitreya, there are limited options but here is one.

Caboodle creates mesh digi-legs for canine, feline, hooves, semi-digi and platigrade-digis (for mice and such) and also now have a bento handpaws, boots and digi-boots. All these are fit to Maitreya and are perfect. They come in demos form so you can try them out for yourself. I do not own any of these products but showed them in Demo form on video so you could see how they work, if you would like to gift me these, I’d be happy to take them!

Cabooble has an online marketplace you can view and purchase here:


I hope this was helpful, I will try to update more information as it comes in and the alpha as well. Join my In-World group for updates on the Alpha, more blogs and videos and options available for modification of your avatars. Photo volunteer opportunities may be coming in the near future as well.


Have a Happy Fourth (though I know its now after Midnight the 5th :p

Photo Credits:

My Avatar:

Deer Avatar:



  • Building:  “Dunn Barn Conversion” by llorisen
  • Pose: Poses by An Lar

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