Reign+Blueberry Release

Reign and Blueberry came out with a collaborative release yesterday. Boots and a dress that work wonderfully together.


The Blueberry dress comes in 27 standard blueberry colors and 8 shiny metallics. Panties also have the ability to be separately colored. Some colors are fat pack exclusive, and is a great bargain if you purchase the pack as it includes the metallics. This dress comes in both single colors and double color, meaning top and skirt sections can be different colors. If you are a fur with digi-legs, this dress will still look great on you.


The boots are by Reign which include colors by Blueberry and metallics. They are traps the encircle your legs from the feet to just under your butt. It fits perfectly with the Blueberry dress and the fat pack also has exclusive colors. There are no digi-leg options for the boot


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  • Dress: “Ime Lace Dress” by Blueberry –  June 28, 2017 In-Store release
  • Shoes: “Ime” Heels by Reign – June 28, 2017
  • Necklace: (Was unable to location leaf necklace I was wearing)




Photo of and by RavenSkye Waverider, Silver Moon Photography

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