New Avatar Release by DSD

Dark Spot Designs (DSD) has released a new avatar, Deer v2, on June 24th, 2017. I made this video the day before but ran into complications with exporting and uploading to YouTube so was not able to complete this process until AFTER the release party but will release it anyway as there is some information still about the deer.

Later this week, in another video, I will explain how you can use a mesh body like Maitreya with your current fur avatar. This will also include finding other parts that are compatible with mesh bodies. Remember, this is just a base avatar. There are tons of options available to modify your avatar.




This deer is fully mesh but not one solid mesh bento avatar, the first bento avatar from DSD, making it easier to modify and change parts should you choose to do so. It includes male, female and femboy shapes with rigged and unrigged options. Skin textures for the standard body come in head, upper and lower bodies. The HUD is the standard with DSD but with some new options such as 13 hand poses, 5 face tattoos and 1 body tattoo (spots). Hand poses are like most standard poses you can get with any mesh body out there with the option of disabling them as well, in case you have an Animation Overrider that you wish to move your fingers. Tattoos can be tinted with the full color picker in the HUD to play with.


There are 19 colors of the deer available to choose from and option to purchase the fat pack. Individual avatars are L$1,000 and the full fatpack is a great bargain at L$4,500 currently. This avatar is not sold as an upgrade to the first version due to the full rework of mesh parts, textures, animations, scripting and more.


To get the Deer avatar, visit the Dark Spot Designs store here: You’ll find the deer in the vendors to the right of the entrance under “New” as it has not at this point been placed in front.


Limited Edition colors of the Deer will be coming soon. It’s generally 2-3 weeks after the original has come out.


Something I said in the video might confuse or anger some Furries (if you get angry, then you do). I always have stated I am not a furry, my avatar wasn’t because of the furry fandom but because I consider my wolf a spirit animal or spirit guide to some. I have for many years. I do spend most of my time around the furry community, but have been until most recently, in the human communities as well in my wolf avatar. Though it is considered a “furry” avatar, doesn’t mean you are a furry and it doesn’t mean you HAVE to be a furry to buy one. Everyone is welcome, even if you don’t spend time in the furry community. You can buy it for fun, for a costume or wear full time.


I’ve had some furries get angry and hostile at me for stating I am not a furry. I’ll explain that in a video again some time later. But this is about having fun on Second Life, you be who you want in any way you feel and have fun with it!


If you would like to see this deer in person before you purchase, you can contact me in world, RavenSkye Walden or here:


I will try to do more vlogs, I have to get over my feeling of how I hate my voice and how I talk. It’s a me thing haha. I have been encouraged by many to do so, so I promise to try harder! I will be getting more into Furry avatars, a lot of focus on Raawr Avatars at the moment and DSD if Oken lets me (means getting more avs to show off). I will be setting up a few of the deer to also be in photos soon. I am not a digi leg wearer so, majority of avatars will get fixed up to represent what I would do if I wasn’t always a wolf!



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