Fameshed 2017, Bikinis! More Avatars

I have several avatars I am setting up with Maitreya, more than several. It’s about 80 but who’s counting. So far I have set up maybe 1/4 of them trying to determine what is the best way to make them work and giving somewhat advice about future texturing and such to the creator of Raawr Avatars. Today’s images are about Fameshed, new round started on June 1st, 2017. I decided on swimwear, it is coming to Summer and it’s time to play in some bikinis and shorts!

Fameshed is located at

Todays Avatars are:

Bikinis worn today are “Mili Bikini” by Miss Chelsea.

Location: Baja Cove, Baja Shore, Baja Sands, Baja Bay and Baha Norte
They are all in the same location, but wandered around them all.

Here are more avatars in the same bikini, showing off at the beach. Each avatar will show the type of avatar as well as anything extra they were wearing. Hope you enjoy!





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