New round of Uber!


May 25th (yesterday) started the new round of Uber. As always, there were some great outfits and even a known furry clothing creator, Apricot Paws. It’s nice to see a creator on the furry side, though the pants they offered would work for both Maitreya and Kemono bodies.

I do try to buy from other creators that aren’t my general favorites of Blueberry, Emery, Addams, Phedora, Empire and Reign. It seems that I am super picky about how well it fits with the Maitreya body. It boggles me how many things are listed as Bento and for a particular mesh body, but seem to not fully fit. Not to say that they are badly designed, I know getting the mesh body kits are not easy.

You must remember, demo demo demo. ALWAYS get a demo and try it out first. Though, there have been some instances where demos are not offered and if I do not know the creator well, I will not buy the outfit. There are times, even hair won’t cover up the shoulder straps of a dress or a top, that does not sit on the body. Always demo.



Minimal has came out with a set of 4 underground backdrops, great for photography. Images above and show images from them all. They are great to work with and size adjustable for all your photography needs.

Upcoming Soon:

Video regarding Raawr Avatars Huskies. Review of the avatar, features, color options, using the included mesh body vs a standard mesh body such as Maitreya, how to change to a standard mesh body and more.


(above) Kitty by Raawr Avatars

(above) Husky by Raawr Avatars

(coffee shop does not come with blue background, was just a quick shot to display)

Photo Credits:

All items in the following folders are from Uber except the avatars themselves and the rings. Those are listed below.




  • Top: “Balloon Bra” by Seul
  • Skirt: “Balloon Skirt” by Seul
  • Shoes: “Pincushion” by Empire
  • Rings: “Bento Flora Rings” by Codex – Available at Shiny Shabby for May 2017



  • “Sonya” by Luxe

Scene Backdrop:

  • “Underground Background” by Minimal



Photo of and taken by RavenSkye Waverider of Silver Moon Photography

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