N-Core Shoe Contest, Anxiety Backdrops

Little behind still, catching up quick! Tomorrow, next few days, literally every day almost.. I will have a new vlog! Hopefully without the airplanes going over my head. Lots to do still! Setup more Raawr Avatars for future videos, shop… shop.. photos.. shop.. stare.. eat a snickers… shop, blog yeah that too!

First.. Backdrops!

There have been a few interesting backdrops coming out in recent weeks but none as nice as Anxiety (and no I’m not sucking up to them). They are neon, dark at times (as it should be) and fun. I’ve gotten literally all of the backdrops thus far. If you are interested in doing photos, it wont have to cost you an arm and a leg or a tail for that matter. They range from 199 to 299 and are not included with poses (you bring your own for a better setup). Some have options with and without lighting. You can still add your own for more attention to whatever it is you are trying to work on.

In this current video, this backdrop is called “Polarized”.  It comes with a hallway and stairs that lead to a door, neon red lighting and 2 additional pieces should you wish to build more of an area. I used a wall to build a ceiling, though I believe it’s meant to be more like a walk way without such. You can do it however you wish for yourself!

You can see more of this backdrop alone on Flickr at https://flic.kr/p/Tj3XbL. You can purchase this backdrop on Second Life at the May 2017 Cosmopolitan Event,  I plan for more photos in the future with more of these backdrops and maybe vlogs!


Check Below for another photo using an Anxiety Backdrop


N-Core Shoe Photography Contest.

I have been buying N-Core shoes since 2010? Something about there. I’ve not always been a fan of heels but getting to like them a lot for the slight girly side of myself AND Photos.

N-core currently has a photo contest, main rule is a pair of their shoes must be the main focus. I hope I have done that, will see I guess huh? Prizes include Linden and store credit.  Here are my 3 entries (only 3 are allowed).



This is another awesome backdrop by Anxiety called, “Nightvision”. It is currently available at The Chapter Four, May 2017 event




This again, is a backdrop by Anxiety called “Polarize”. This is the same image as the main post but with the shoe display.


Avatar: Dark Spot Designs “Wolf V.3”, =Dela=  Hair “Nini”, Maitreya Mesh Body “Lara”
Clothing: N-Core “Tiffany” shoes, Blueberry “Sophia” Dress

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