My First Vlog

See blow for video.

I might be a tad hard on myself. Ok, I know I am pretty much. I have a hard time with my voice and I have a much lighter “lisp” sound than I used to (had some of that fixed up). However, I’m still not happy with my voice but I did it anyway. Strawberry Singh put up a new vlogger challenge and this is it. However, it ended up being 15 minutes long. Oh well lol.

I hope it’s good, will see I guess! I plan on more, so this helps me learn some things regarding video, youtube, uploading, editing and more. Enjoy!

As I said before, my blog will cover many things furry and human, but mostly to help furries update themselves, find ways to modify their base avatars, places to find modifications in textures and body parts, destinations and locations to visit, fashion and social relations among community. There is so much more that I will cover as well.

This was a vlog challenge by Strawberry Singh. I find her videos very awesome fun to watch and even though I was intimidated… I finally finished a video after 20 times. So, here is my video. Details on clothing and scenery is listed below the video.

See Strawberry Singh’s blog at



Current Photo and Video Credits: 



Scene Location: 

  • “Jean-Baptiste Backdrop” by Pseudo, Gacha Item


Photo of and taken by RavenSkye Waverider of Silver Moon Photography

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