Your Avatar is a Starter Base

Many do not realize that your out of the box avatar, human or furry, is a starter avatar. What you do to improve it is up to you. Out of the box, you have an avatar, skin, sometimes a basic hair. You can get a mesh body that also comes with skins, you can use your regular SL standard head or get a mesh head. Mesh heads also come with skin, options and more. You have the ability to go get improvements such as various skins, eye colors, shapes, makeups, tattoos.

A creator, just gives you the starter box but many decide to attack the creator for not having options to fit everything. There are multiple shapes, multiple mesh bodies, multiple ways to texture whatever avatar you choose. You cannot expect a creator to have options for everything out there and abusing a creator is unacceptable. I’ve heard of this issue in both the human and furry communities and it’s ridiculous.

Be good to your creator, where you take your avatar from the out of the box base is up to you. Be adult about sending ideas or explaining concerns you have, not abusive. A creator will never make everyone happy, they cannot do everything only you want. You decide what you wish to do with your avatar after you purchase that base. Modifications are out there and it’s up to you to find them, don’t abuse the creators. Creators are never paid what they are worth on Second Life. 3D work is much more valuable outside.


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I had photo block last night, not sure why. I knew I wanted to do a photo but I couldn’t decide where or how or poses. Took a long time of just staring at myself. I think it’s becuase I am wearing lighter colors than I am used to. Don’t be afraid of light or bright colors when a dark avatar! Or maybe… it’s because I am a little more girly than previous years. Will explain that another time.



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Photo of and taken by RavenSkye Waverider of Silver Moon Photography

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