My Friends Are Confused

There are many friends I have, that have known me for many years on Second Life. They are confused by what I do with this and other photos lately. I am not one to wear pink, be super-girly, wear dresses and skirts or heels and I certainly cannot stand pink.  I was always a tomboy as I am in real life, not as much on Second Life but pretty close. This last year though, I’ve started to have more fun with clothes and getting myself out of a mindset I had, mostly due to a person I was once involved with. You’ll still never see me in this clothing setup in the real world.

My friends are confused, I got “Where is Raven, this is not the Raven we know.. what have you done with her”. Makes me laugh 😛 I have goofballs for friends.

​My main avatar will always be my black wolf, but I will on occasion use other avatars or other colors to show off an outfit. This lets people see how it looks beyond just the very dark me 🙂



Scene: “Natalie” Patio building, furniture, wall hanging, plants and lights by Cheeky Pea – March 25th Uber Event
Photo of and by RavenSkye Waverider of Silver Moon Photography

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