Updates and Blueberry Boots

I was going to wait until Uber but I got these new boots from Blueberry at Shoetopia. They come in heels and flat foot versions. Though I am mostly a flat foot boot kind of wolf, I thought the heels looked great too (and that’s rare for me). Thus, I wear the flat version.

I love these boots!

On another note, my blog site is nearly done (been working on other home real life projects for a bit). I have 3 avatars now set up with a maitreya body and will soon post those too. Maybe, after the Uber opening!



  • Top: “Barbara Turtleneck” by Addams
  • Skirt: “Udon” by Emery
  • Boots: “Celia” from Blueberry, 2017 Shoetopia Event

Scene Location: Storybrook
Photo of and by RavenSkye Waverider of Silver Moon Photography

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