Homeless Raven

I am a bit on the homeless side in Second Life. First time in over 4 years really, other than a week or so here and there.

I had been gearing up for all the projects I am working on for the past couple months, waiting for the SIM of a friend was being rebuilt. Thus, it ended up in the SIM being sold and a wrench thrown into everything.

Finding a large amount of space for super cheap that will allow me to do some things I need and is not laggy to all getup.. seems to be a pain. I am picky but I will find something and hopefully, get this started again. Who knows, it’s frustrating.

On the positive note, new clothes! I wanted to be my black on black with black always black self today, in light of frustration.. with white hair. :p

I didn’t do a fancy photo for today, been running around with an alt looking for land.



  • Hoodie Jacket: “Loli” by Blueberry at Collabora88 Event, March 2017
  • Pants: “Grace” by Blueberry
  • Shoes: “The Vasiform” by Vale Koer (Group Gift)

Scene Location: Dark Spot Design/Raawr Avatars Sandbox
Photo of and by RavenSkye Waverider of Silver Moon Photography

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