A Little Bit of Metal

New Addams Release

Chainmail bikini  and matching shorts. Beautifully done too!

Working out this blog thing, going over how other blogs are done and seeing how that fits in with my own ideas. I dont necessarily want to be exactly like others, but want similiar maybe? haha. I am wanting a much more in-depth blog I guess but trying to find myself a little in how it will be done completely. If I put too much detail, most furs and furries will read very little of it. I know they are seriously picky too. Getting there, I have lots of ideas and they are coming.



  • Bikini/Lingerie: “Natalie” by Addams
  • Shorts: “Lady Denim” by Addams
  • Nipple Pasties: “Light Lace Fitmesh Pastie Hearts” by Graffitiwear

Scene Location: Netherwood

Photo of and by RavenSkye Waverider of Silver Moon Photography

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