Geri Spice – 90s Rewind Event

New Addams release for an event, 90s Rewind! A Geri Spice dress which comes in both the original UK Flag texture and many MANY other colors.

Dark fur avatars should not be afraid of using bright colors as long as the color does not clash with your fur color. Being a black avatar, makes this easier as everything goes with black. I even wear white at times, can seem overbearing at first when you aren’t used to it but still looks great.

Still using my black wolf until other avatars with other colors are set up for such use.



  • Dress: “Gery Spice Dress” by Addams – 90s @Rewind Event, February 2017
  • Shoes: “Craven” by Blueberry

Car: “M3 Sex Car” by VIVID Animations


Photo of and by RavenSkye Waverider of Silver Moon Photography

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