Starting Off Again

This is not my first blog, however the old blog has long been deleted.

I started off in April of 2009 as a human avatar. I changed to a “furry” avatar since then, however I do not refer to myself as such. My avatar is not a typical avatar though. My avatar look has changed a lot in the last couple of years from serious tomboy to a bit more “girly”. I have noticed that my changes have allowed me to have more clothing options.

Breaking an average furry out of the old furry ways is difficult.  Typically, they purchase created for or created by furry clothing or completely naked all the time. The chance of seeing me in any of that was zero because I am super picky on quality, textures and more. Commonly, I see furries wearing leg warmers, bowl skirts, still using old flexi hair and many other items from before the start of mesh.

I hope to encourage furries and others to see more of Second Life in the way of fashion, events, avatar, modification of avatars and more.

I plan on photos and videos, information and much more. Lets see where this goes!

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